Sunday, May 31, 2009


After 2 months of the internet not working in my house . . . it's working again! Now I will hopefully be back to more regular blogging :-)

So a few things of recent interest that don't have pictures yet:

. I am moving next week to a new house all by myself! (pictures to come!!)
. I am also painting every room - I'm very excited!
. Nathan and I booked flights to Canada in September for a week-long adventure!
. I found out that I get to work at Hume San Diego for 2 weeks this summer! I'll be there June 26 - July 10.
. On Wednesday we had a crazy storm with thunder and lightning like I've never experienced before. Lightning struck around camp and we lost all power. It was crazy. But I got to go home early from work :-) We've got some damage to some electrical stuff though. At least $2,000 in damage just to modems.
. Yesterday I saw "Up". It was really great. You should see it.

And here's the things of recent interest with pictures:

In April I went to San Diego for an alumni event at the Padres game.

Kelly and Talitha came to visit one weekend! What wonderful friends!

Tyler and I are still keeping ourselves occupied at work. But sadly, this next week will be his last week of working here :-(
I got to go to Biola's graduation (hadn't been there since I graduated) and see some wonderful friends!!

Allison's wedding shower

After not having seen Amber, one of my very best friends, in almost a year . . . we were finally reunited!! What a huge blessing! I've missed her so much!