Monday, August 30, 2010

Stony Creek Adventures

Yesterday I got to go check out Stony Creek for the first time. It's about a half an hour away. It is so beautiful. I loved all the different little plants that grow up between all the rocks. It was a fun afternoon (and of course I was the one who had a little slip and go into the river - thank goodness for Gore-Tex shoes!). It was a little chilly but we hiked in bathing suits and sweatshirts and then slid down some rocks into one of the pools. I'm not nearly as crazy as my friends are, so it took a little time for me to gear up to slide into an icy cold pool . . . but in the end I did it. Maybe I'll put the video of my slide up later. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures of another one of my outdoor adventures.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camping in my Backyard

I have been a mountain dweller for two and a quarter years now . . . and can you believe it, I haven't been camping once since I've been living in the mountains?! So last weekend a few of us decided to see if we could hack it. We camped at Forest Camp, which is really just in our backyard. Seriously, it's within camp and is like 30 seconds away. But even though it was super close to home, it still felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, especially since there was no bathroom, scary night time sounds and a bear that came through our camp. We survived though and look forward to when we can have another camping trip. Here's some pictures of our 1 night camping trip:


Check out the recent henna I got on my foot. It was done by the one and only Rachel Pearsey. She made the henna herself (well, not the plant . . . but the mixture).

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I may not have a car . . .

. . . but now I have a motorcycle!! It's a 1972 Honda CT70 (on the right) and matches Nathan's. His is a 1973, but the only way you can tell it's different is the Honda stickers. Nathan has had his for several months and has been enjoying riding it around camp for the summer. So when the seller that he bought his bike from listed another teal one online on Friday, we jumped at the opportunity to get me one!

It's so fun and easy to ride. It's three speeds with an automatic clutch, which makes it super easy to shift. We spent the afternoon riding around the subdivision and on the surrounding trails.

Now it just needs a name (actually they both need names). Any ideas??

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some Summer Fun

So a couple of weeks ago Nathan and I and some of our fabulous friends got to spend a weekend at the Schakkett's awesome beach house at Lake Nacimiento. We enjoyed a weekend of wakeboarding, boating, sea-doing, kayaking and swimming. It was so beautiful and so fun to spend time at a different lake. We did lots of driving and had a lot of late nights that weekend, but it was so worth it. Here's some pictures from the weekend!


Just enjoying summer together . . .

Ummm yeah . . . Karley is crazy

The girls


The end to a great weekend

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home Improvements

I love home improvements! Recently my parents came for a couple of days and helped with a few little home improvements for my humble abode. My favorite? Getting outdoor lights on my porch!! They look so great at night since it's sooo very dark here in the mountains at night.

Also in the works soon here will be newly painted fan blades and hopefully a couple homemade outdoor benches!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tea Moments

During my summer travels I've gotten to enjoy a couple of cool tea things. Check out this cup of tea that I got at a fantastic bakery in San Diego called Con Pane. I love the idea of holding a loose leaf tea bag with a stir stick. Brilliant!

Sorry this next picture isn't great. This is the Elephant's Ear in Terrace, British Columbia. Terrace is a small town and not exactly what I'd call a cool or interesting city . . . but this coffee shop was surprisingly hip. I loved the artwork on the walls and how the place was decorated. It was both natural, and modern - my favorite combo! I wish I could have spent more time here.
But I did enjoy a nice chai latte while I was there.

A Canadian and Alaskan Vacation

It's been waaaaay too long since I've blogged. Sorry to my faithful readers. Life has gotten so busy this summer. I have hardly even had a waking moment to myself. But now that I have a spare moment . . . here's a few pictures from my recent trip to Canada and Alaska. More blog posts coming soon!

In British Columbia, near the Alaskan border

The view from my car window on the drive from B.C. to Alaska


There were lots of glaciers on the way to Alaska

Fire Weed

Kleanza Creek, B.C. Canada

My family minus 8 (missing an aunt, an uncle, 3 cousins, 2 husbands of cousins and a new baby)

We had a pajama pant making party with the girls