Monday, January 21, 2013

Thai Coffee and a Photo Shoot

Happy belated Christmas and New Years everyone! I know it has been awhile . . .

So, a blog that includes the words "cup" and "joe" in the title should probably be posting about coffee right?


So here it is, my first coffee photo shoot. This is definitely not my best latte art and I haven't been practicing much lately, but it's what we got that day. Lesson learned though . . . it's important to eat something, not have too much caffeine on an empty stomach, and not have to pee badly before I try to do something that requires fine motor skills (hence the crooked leaf).

This photo shoot was for an article I wrote about Lanna Coffee for the little magazine for which I am an editor. I invite you to read the article yourself. I have worked with a lot of different espressos over the years, and I feel like this one is a really good general, not-over-the-top crazy flavor, great starter espresso from Thailand. Normally single origin espressos have very distinct fruity or nutty flavors that can really catch you off guard. Not this one. Because of its nice and balanced flavor, I also find that this espresso is great if you like to flavor or sweeten your drink.

The best part about this coffee? It's a coffee for a cause. Proceeds from the purchase go right back into a wholistic community development plan (think sustainable agriculture, health care, water and education) that is helping the people of the hill tribes in Thailand. It's definitely a cause worth supporting. You can read more about this and order coffee here. This is my daily espresso these days, and maybe you'll enjoy it too!