Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm in love . . .

. . . with English bulldogs!!!!

I've never had a "real" pet . . . I feel deprived.


  1. Wow, I finally met someone else who loves English Bulldogs! Meaning Michael. He thinks they are the cutest things! Not to discourage you or anything but they are really expensive, 3-4 thousand, have lots of medical problems, and they burp, drool and toot all the time. So that's why we are getting an English Lab instead.

  2. My sister and I got stuffed ones for Christmas one year when we were kids, so I like them too. (But I've never actually known a real one.)

  3. Jocey!

    I love your blog. Did you know my parents have an English Bulldog! He looks just like the ones in the pictures you posted. His name is Tater and he's so sweet and hilarious! Miss you!

    xoxox Megan Wilmarth