Monday, August 30, 2010

Stony Creek Adventures

Yesterday I got to go check out Stony Creek for the first time. It's about a half an hour away. It is so beautiful. I loved all the different little plants that grow up between all the rocks. It was a fun afternoon (and of course I was the one who had a little slip and go into the river - thank goodness for Gore-Tex shoes!). It was a little chilly but we hiked in bathing suits and sweatshirts and then slid down some rocks into one of the pools. I'm not nearly as crazy as my friends are, so it took a little time for me to gear up to slide into an icy cold pool . . . but in the end I did it. Maybe I'll put the video of my slide up later. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures of another one of my outdoor adventures.


  1. You are an excellent photographer you should enter your photos to a magazine

  2. really cool... it's great to have a window into that place... never heard of it. I like seeing and hearing about your adventures. love you.

  3. How fun! I slipped into Stony Creek once too, only I went all the way in! It was a very cold shock!
    I love seeing your pictures!