Sunday, November 4, 2012

Giant Samoa Girl Scout Cake

Everyone and their mother seemed to pin this recipe on Pinterest awhile back, so I decided to make this giant Girl Scout Samoa Bundt Cake for a special fall dessert event we had recently. If you're interested in making it yourself, here's the recipe, from BetsyLife. It was definitely tasty, and it sure gets points on presentation. But there's a couple things I would do differently if I did this again.

1. Not make the mistake of using salted butter for the frosting (salted caramel is still yummy, but it would have been better without it).

2. The recipe is actually 2 cake batters swirled together. One chocolate and one shortbread. For the amount of time and effort it took to do this, I was disappointed that the shortbread flavor and texture didn't really show up. I would speed up the prep time by dropping the shortbread and just using a plain old chocolate cake mix. 

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