Friday, August 14, 2009

1 Year/6 Months

This week is my one year anniversary in my job as the Development Assistant. It's definitely been good and bad, but overall a good year of acquiring new skills and experiences that would go nicely on a resume. Perhaps I should update mine now. Anyways,I feel that my job has a lot of different aspects to it, and now that I've been through every season and event . . . I think I am well equipped to do a better job this next year. Here's the top 10 job highlights of my past year of being on full time staff (in no particular order)

1. Writing and editing for the Hume News
2. Traveling and staying in hotels
3. Learning to do event coordinting
4. Working on Country Fair with Suzanne
5. Putting together reports on tons of different things - finding new facts from my research . . . which represents real people and real money.
6. Getting better rates on Vision Dinner room rentals than past years. (We've saved hundreds of dollars!)
7. Being successful in soliciting donations for Country Fair (Disneyland tickets, In-N-Out gift certificates, Build-A-Bear gift certificates . . .)
8. Getting a clothing allowance and getting clothes embroidered so I don't have to wear my polo everyday.
9. Working with Tyler. We're very different and work very differently . . . but we learned to work really really well together.
10. Learning new skills

So yeah . . . good stuff.

And by the way . . . Nathan and I had our 6 month anniversary too this past week. We spent it driving in the car. Which is always fun :-)

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