Wednesday, August 26, 2009

To Mary Beth

This is my dear friend Mary Beth . . . affectionately known as MB. We came on full time staff at the same time and immediately were good friends. We lived life to the fullest this past year. We went on many adventures together, ran many miles together, enjoyed a lot of coffee and tea together, made snowmen together, ate many meals together, read together, had hours and hours of conversation together, talked in our sleep to each other, made "would you rathers" together . . . and just generally lived and loved life together. We had a blast. Sadly, she moved away on Sunday, but happily . . . she is going off to do great and exciting things with her life! And we will still have many more adventures together and continue to share life together for many years to come!

If this were a toast . . . now would be the time I would ask you to raise your glass. "To Mary Beth!"

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