Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sightseeing Video


  1. OK JOCE- My Mind is Racing so here are some words that come to mind after watching the video

    1) BUTChart- Hilarious!

    2) video- amazing!

    3)Your interaction with Nathan- most I have seen yet- so cute:) Very similar in facial expressions- love it!

    4) you + flower gardens & sunsets- beautiful

    5) cruise= you + i oneday!

    6) decaf coffee- already?

    7) MISS YOU LOTS! Make more videos.

  2. ha yes please more videos. And yes you are sounding like a grandma with that decaf coffee. It's ok, just as long as you're an Oma.

    Add me on to that cruise too Amber!

  3. I just kept thinking it would have been tricky of Nathan to propose at the end of the video so you had it on camera...

    Maybe another day...

  4. OMW!! JOCEY!! you two are freaking adorable. *sigh* i seriously wish we would've kept in contact better at biola... it's defo my fault. but your video is precious and hilarious and i'd like to know what video camera was used! keep 'em coming! now that i've found you on here, i'm gonna try and keep up with you more often!

  5. It's a Canon Powershot G9 still camera. And we . . . I mean Nathan, is working on another video. Coming soon! So stay tuned!