Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vancouver Island

Day 2 brought us to the one thing we knew we had to do while in Canada. Vancouver Island! We started our day well before 6am in order to make it onto the first ferry to the Island. We made it in time . . . but it was full. So we had to wait 2 hours for the second ferry. The time was well spent though, with crepes and tourist watching. I left the ferry waiting area with a New Year's resolution to buy a pair of high-tops within the next year.

Then we made it on the ferry, and thoroughly enjoyed the hour and a half trip to the Island. The scenery is stunning. Once on the Island, we went to the famous Butchart Gardens. Definitely beautiful, but not something to spend the whole day seeing like we had been told.

Victoria, Wee Britain,was on the agenda next. An interesting city . . . seems like San Fran, minus the hills, all cultural diversity, the bums and homeless, and the grime and construction, plus a little British feel, ocean front homes, and Canadian people. We did the scenic ocean drive around part of the Island, then headed back toward the ferry.

We stopped in Sidney for coffee and I got to experience affogado (spelling?) for the first time. Vanilla gelato with fresh espresso on top. Sooooooo yummy. Then it was back to the ferry for the classic ride into the sunset home. Here's a few of my many pictures from the day. Nathan will put his up too. I'll be getting the rest on facebook soon. So watch for those!

Sunrise. On the way to the ferry.

Waiting for the ferry, checking out our map.

On the ferry ride over.

Butchart Gardens.

Flowers, flowers, flowers.

Victoria. The Empress Hotel is behind us.

Affogado. My new favorite thing.

Sunset from the ferry.


  1. Yeah affogato! I didn't know it's origonal form is over gelato. I just know that's what we call it when we top a frappiccino with espresso. It sounds so good on gelato though!

  2. Yeah! You guys look like you are really relaxing and enjoying your time together! I love it! Two happy cute people! Thanks for the updates!

  3. beautiful photos! looks like you two had a lovely trip!