Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meet My Childhood Friends

Ready for another dose of my life? This past weekend I got to spend time with my oldest group of friends. Not old friends . . . but the friends that have been in my life the longest - since elementary school for most of them. We went to school together, went to church together, were in cabins together at camp, went to college together (for a few of us), went to each other's weddings (for 3 from the group so far) . . . . Anyways . . . . these guys are great and every single one of them is quality. We had a great weekend soaking up the sun by the pool, dancing, napping, eating and just hanging out. The 14 hours of driving for one weekend was definitely worth it!

Jessica, Kelly, Me and Leslie gettin' our groove on!

Alyssa, Meghan, Kelly and Me . . . it was too hot to be outside of the pool.

All of us . . minus Alyssa who's taking the picture.

The pool felt so nice!

Out to eat.

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