Friday, October 15, 2010

Walk Around the Lake-Less

Every fall the lake here is drained in preparation for winter. I think it's so that the ice doesn't put too much pressure on the dam. Anyways, this year the lake is being drained basically to the bottom (normally there's a stream that runs through it) so that a valve on the dam can be fixed. Nathan and I took the opportunity to walk around the lake . . . actually rather in the lake, to see what there was. Here's some pictures from our afternoon. Nathan took all the pictures on my little camera . . . so I can't take credit for these.

Bears! There were tooooons of bear prints. Mountain lion ones too!

All the snails get left when the water goes down.

Cool shadows.

More snails.

Lakeweed and a stump that's always under water.

I found some crawdad looking thing.

It was very muddy. I didn't do so well. Thank goodness for Gore-Tex shoes.

Hmmm . . . umbrella in a tree stump?

The sign above me is the measure of how low the water is at the dam.

Us and the pretty sky . . . which you can't see here.

Ahhh, so pretty!


  1. Great pictures! I didn't know there were so many snails hiding there! Thanks for sharing your adventures on your blog!

  2. There are so many snails that you can't avoid stepping on them with every step! They sound like popcorn under your feet.

  3. lol, snails. I love your blog. it's very real. I might follow you :) you wanna read mine too? only if you want to. Beware, my best friend made another one on my same acount. She...has issues. Read if you want :)