Sunday, June 10, 2012

Black Ballerina Flats . . . from Ebay!

Happy weekend everyone! I hope yours was as nice as mine was. After being gone the last 4 weekends, I savored my time at home and filled it up with lots of sleep, house cleaning, hammock time, weeding the garden, a movie, hosted a fire-pit s'mores party and drank lots of iced-tea.

Anyways . . . I love a good deal, so I just have to show you my new favorite shoes in case you need some fun black flats too. These were around $11 from ebay. They came from China (sorry, I still haven't quite bought in to the whole buy-American thing). They aren't going to last a lifetime, but they are perfect for casual wear, or to dress up a little. These also come in teal, watermelon and cream colored. I'm tempted to buy another pair. I think what I love most about them is that they are plastic, so I can easily wipe the dust and dirt off that's just a given living in the mountains. Winner winner!


  1. The watermelon ones are really cute! Can I ask if they're comfortable? Usually plastic flats (or any stiff material) kill the back of my heels :( Thanks!

  2. Hey Emmy. The shoes were definitely uncomfortable at the beginning (I probably needed to order 1/2 a size up). But now that I've pushed through that and they've stretched a little . . . they feel totally fine. I always wear tiny little socks that just cover my toes. That really helps keep my feet from rubbing and from getting sweaty. In the end, these are still plastic on the inside . . . so I recommend socks, but for 11 bucks I can't complain, and I'm loving them as much as ever!