Monday, June 11, 2012

Maybe I'll Start a Garden . . .

This spring I really had the itch to start a garden. Well maybe less of a garden and more of a "let's redo this ugly flower bed." Maybe it was due to the fact that I got married 9 months ago, or moved to a new house five months ago, a subconscious desire for a little blue-collar work outside of my normal white-collar job, or simply the fact that my mom and grandma both keep gardens, so maybe I should to. Whatever it was, I spent hours digging up tons of junk in order to make room for my plants. It was so fun, relaxing and spiritually refreshing as I pulled the junk and dead stuff out of the ground to remember that my life is the same way. The dead and the ugly easily creep in and can choke and cover any good thing or joy I have. Thank goodness I have a loving creator who cleans and forgives, prunes away the dead and gives life.

And no . . . I didn't just plant tufts of Irish Moss. But who says I can't transfer my love of simple style and clean lines into my flower bed? The moss is right by the front door, and there are flowers everywhere else. Everything was planted in April and is really starting to grow. I'll post the rest of the project soon.



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