Sunday, November 9, 2008

Coffee, Candles, Conversations, and Cleaning . . .

Today has been a great day! I woke up to snow! And since this will be my first winter ever in the snow . . . it was an exciting thing. It didn’t last long and I think it was only a couple of inches, but it was beautiful while it lasted.

I talked to my mom . . . she told me how the kids from her school went on a fieldtrip on the train, and an old lady committed suicide by laying on the tracks . . . and the kids all saw her body dismembered with blood and guts all around while the train passed by at like 5 miles an hour. Now some of them are traumatized. Hmmm. Interesting.

I stayed in my pajamas till lunch, enjoyed my organic coffee, apple and vanilla candles and had a couple of great conversations with great friends about things that actually matter in life. I got to talk to my best friend who lives oh so far away in Arizona now. Everyone needs an Amber in their life. Your life won’t feel complete without one like her. She is one of the very few that truly knows me, loves me still, understands me, pushes me to greater faith and growth in life, challenges me, speaks truth into my life, and asks the hard questions.

Then I cleaned. I find I am more OCD clean than ever before. (The people here could probably vouch for that. Anytime someone is over I am picking lint or hair out of the carpet, doing dishes or something else ridiculous when I should be enjoying company). I think it is because I have spent that last 4 ½ years in a job where I was constantly cleaning. And now that I don’t have that anymore at work . . . I have to find something else to clean! I also think it’s one small area of my life that I feel like I can control. Hmmm, I should work on that.


  1. I concur! Amber's great at telling you what you need to hear. I think my first impression of her was a younger ( and more Godly) Dr. Laura. :)

  2. Joce!
    I echo you with the excitement about the snow. I haven't seen snow since last Spring when we were in Mammoth. I miss it oh so much! I miss you as well : ) I hope you're having a wonderful time up at Hume and adjusting well to a whole new winter... well, I suppose a whole new community and life as well for awhile. Love you bunches!