Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sticky Notes and Yellow Flyers

Today I voted for the first time ever. Being a dual citizen raised by parents who are not U.S. citizens . . . I fear I may have missed the political bug. I am conflicted with all of this because I really want to vote and be smart about it. I just don't know if it is better to vote just because it's my civic duty even if I am not well educated on the issues, or to not vote at all if I cannot make an intelligent and informed decision.

So my parents mailed me all my voting stuff that had been sent to my former home, and they sent the voting booklet full of sticky notes that had their guidelines of what they thought I should vote on. Pretty entertaining. Also, we all got these yellow flyers in our mailboxes from the Republican party stating their positions on the propositions. I hate that there is this expectation that we are all going to be of one political orientation. I am glad that I can think for myself and not let my family or my community dictate to me their political agenda.

Ooohh . . . haha, if only they knew. Maybe I am not politically apathetic after all.

Or I'll just move to Canada.

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