Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Adventures

9 days . . . that’s how long the internet has been down in my house . . . till now.

8 days ago . . . that’s when I left at 3:30 in the morning, had an early morning adventure of a car ride, illegal flower picking, and breakfast and coffee at 5:00 am with Nathan, and then a bus ride by myself from Fresno to LA. I then ended my day at a cabin in Idyllwild with my wonderful Biola friends.

7 days ago . . . that’s how many days since my last birthday.

6 days ago . . . that’s when Reb joined us.

5 days ago . . . that’s when we headed back to Brea and had another b-day dinner . . . it wasn’t intended as a birthday dinner . . . but we decided to take advantage of it anyway since we wouldn't even have to pretend it was someone's birthday in order to have dessert.

4 days ago . . . that’s when I got to spend a few hours with my family, saw a couple dear friends (aka Kelly and Alex) . . . then headed up to Bakersfield (with my fam minus Bryce) where Nathan met us and we all had dinner together. Then back up the mountain with a few productive and sentimental stops along the way ;-)

3 days ago . . . that’s when Sarah and Nathan made me a wonderful Mexican birthday dinner. I received some great gifts: one wrapped in our camp magazine, and the other was a “brown paper package, tied up with string.” These were definitely a few of my favorite things. Then we played speed scrabble, and watched The Sound of Music. It was a great birthday week.

2 days ago . . . that’s when we walked around the lake. It was beautiful, as always.

1 day ago . . . that’s when I got a great card and a phone call from Hawaii.

Today . . . hmmm . . . it’s not over yet.

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