Saturday, March 14, 2009


The other night I dreamed I was in San Fransisco in some sort of car race and that there was a big group of little old ladies from a nursing home that were helping me cross multiple lanes of traffic. In my dream I was also heading to Queens . . . and I remember thinking in my dream that it was odd that there was a Queens in San Fransisco and that I thought it was in NY.

Also . . . twice this week I have dreamed that my mom and sister have shown up. And what's weird about it, is that in both dreams they both showed up in the room that I was currently sleeping in at the time. I was on someone's couch for one dream, and in the lodge room in the other. It was very strange . . . especially because it happened twice. I wonder what that means.


  1. ok that is hilarious. Especially the nursing home ladies helping you cross lanes of traffic.

    The fortune cookie interprets this dream as "You're at a busy intersection in your life and you need to seek wisdom from wise older people in order to cross it."

  2. Oooohh . . . so that's what that means! . . . haha