Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just Slow Down

Every time I slow down and really take the time to enjoy the things around me I am overwhelmed by how amazing God is.

Today was stunningly beautiful. After recovering from my run on the road this morning, I walked the path I had just run and simply enjoyed the beauty of the forest. I couldn't enjoy it while I was running, but did when I was walking. I saw a lot of things that I completely missed the first time. A crooked tree, a brook I've never noticed . . . While I was running, I could only think of me and how I was feeling and how much I wanted the road to end and my run to be done. It was only when I was walking that I could look outside myself and see what had been there the whole time.

It got me thinking that we need to slow down more often in life and take the time to look at what's already around us. There is beauty in everything. We just need to take the time to notice.

And I am once again overwhelmed at how big and beautiful God is.

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  1. Jocey, I experience that too... even running in our neighborhood today... it's when we stop and walk during cool down that I can really take in the beauty of the super blue sky today and the magnolia trees on the roadside. I hate running!!!.... I love having run.....
    Got to see and feel the awesome beauty of God and His work when me and Bryce were skiing in Big Bear on monday... just beautiful.