Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking Back

I feel a little late doing this now . . . But this really is the first time I've gotten to look back over this past year and reflect.

This has been a great year for me. I wanted to, you know, cater to all of our short attention spans with some little witty blog that highlighted the best part of each month. But as I look through all my pictures from this past year . . . I realize that would be near to impossible. I have been to 4 other countries in 2009, ridden an elephant, discovered I'm good at baking, developed my skills for writing and editing, had a bad haircut in Thailand, said goodbye to many friends as they've left our home here, tried new activities, learned to live in the snow, and traveled more than ever . . .

It's hard to sum up . . . or even relay everything I did or learned this year.

But here are a few of the highlights from my 2009:

Dating Nathan beginning last January!

Traveling with work for "Vision Dinners" in February.

Taking up snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

Celebrating my birthday in March with great friends at a "cabin weekend!"

Developing a great working relationship with Tyler.

Getting my own house (and painting it myself) in June. I absolutely love it.

Going back to Biola for the first time since my graduation . . . and seeing so many wonderful friends.

I got to see both my siblings graduate in June. Bryce from high school and Kirs from fashion school.

After a year and a half of being a vegetarian, I broke down and starting eating seafood while in San Diego. I am now a pescatarian.

I got to spend 2 weeks working as a lead counselor at our camp in San Diego!

This year my family came to me for some family + Micah vacation.

I got to celebrate Nathan's 30th b-day with both our families. We're a crazy bunch.

It was great to join Cassie and Kiel at their wedding in Los Gatos.

Then I got to join Allison and Joey at their wedding too!

Nathan and I spent a week in Canada! It was an awesome time . . . and so beautiful!

While in Canada we went to my cousin Melissa's wedding.

In October I spent 2 weeks in Thailand helping run a camp we do there. It was awesome. I love Thailand.

This was the most breathtaking and beautiful moment of my year. "Loi Krathang," a Buddhist lantern lighting ceremony in Thailand.

I got to explore Singapore for an evening. I honestly don't know why I don't live in Asia.

I made it home in November to enjoy the annual Harris and Rogalski family dinner! Nathan came too.

I finished out the year with Amber and my family when they came for a New Year's in the mountains.

It's been a great year. God is so good. I am blessed with great family, amazing friends, a wonderful boyfriend, exciting opportunities and adventures, my own house, and a full-time job. Not everyone can say the same.

I hope your year was just as good as mine!