Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Wonderland

The weather has not disappointed this week. It snowed almost constantly from Monday through Friday night. We have multiple feet of new snow. It's stunning. Even people who have lived here for 20+ years are saying that we've never had this much snow in one week.

While the rest of California was dealing with the rain and thunder . . . we've been looking a little more like a peaceful winter in Narnia. Although, We did get lightning with snow on Monday which I guess is pretty rare.

It is so spectacularly beautiful (especially today, the first clear day) . . . but it does have it's dangers too. We've had huge tree branches fall and cause damage to buildings and cars. We've had multiple trees completely break under the pressure of the snow (and we had to cut down a large potentially dangerous one as well). The roads are narrower now, and a large portion of the mountain road into camp was made a one way street. We weren't even allowed to drive around camp for awhile. The roofs are completely piled with snow . . . and it feels like earthquakes when it slides off. The snow on the roof of the Ark completely ripped off a large vent and left a whole in the roof when it came down. We even have avalanche warnings here in Kings Canyon. I think we're pretty safe here though.

But here's a few pictures from the last week:

Sunday: Just beginning to snow

Wednesday: Probably a foot or so of new snow

Friday: More than 3 feet of snow by now. The trees are beginning to be weighted down.

Saturday: Clear blue skies!

This one's kinda blurry, but I still like it.

So beautiful!

This is the hole and the vent that was ripped off the roof.

A winter wonderland!

It was pretty hard to walk through this snow here.

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