Sunday, December 21, 2008


I think some people may think I'm crazy. Moving to a place in the middle of nowhere, with no cell phone service, no tv, and an hour and half from the nearest anything . . . It's like living in a bubble right?

I have come to recognize though, that now I am much more intentional about the places I go and the things I do. I would venture to say that I have likely done more exciting things in the last two months, than most people who live in the "real world". I think that when certain things are common . . . there is no push to actually experience them. Simply because they will always be convenient. Like the two years in a row where I never went to the beach . . . and it's minutes away. How ridiculous is that?

But in the last 8 weeks or so, I have:

. Climbed Half Dome in Yosemite
. Visited Elk Grove and Sacramento
. Gone home to Tustin
. Taken the train to Escondido
. Spent an afternoon at the beach in Oceanside
. Gone to Disneyland and the Garden Walk in Anaheim
. Driven through the central valley in the fog
. Done a little off-roading in the mountains
. Looked at the most incredible view of the stars in the mountains
. Gone to a hockey game in Fresno
. Made my life to-do list
. Had lunch in Bakersfield
. Gone to San Francisco to see Phantom of the Opera
. Gone ice skating, and cross country skiing
. Driven through the Grapevine covered in snow
. Gone to Santa Monica and LA
. Learned a new kind of dancing
. Saw the 100th annual boat parade on Balboa Island

So those of you that don't live in a bubble. Take advantage of it. It's more than possible. Or if you don't . . . go live in a Bubble just so that you can really experience life outside of it.


  1. I've done four of those things in the last week. I guess i live in two bubbles, tho.

  2. I suppose so! And several of those I was with you anyway.