Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a cup o joe

It seems only appropriate that a blog from a coffee and tea freak should have some sort of explanation of the coffee and tea experiences as of late. So, last Monday I made my first trip back to my 2nd home at the good ol’ Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I saw some great coworkers . . . and actually didn’t have anything to drink.

Tuesday morning, I stopped by CB again and saw Alin and Brent . . . the only people that have been there longer than me. 4 years of working together . . . and we’re still friends. I had my “usual”, also known as “Da Jocey” which is Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl green tea with a little steamed soy, good foam, and a splenda or two. It was glorious. Ahh I forgot how much I miss that.

Then it was off to Escondido for the day, and I got to experience the infamous Blue Mug, which I’d heard so much about. Each cup of coffee is freshly ground and individually brewed into a blue mug. I opted for the Tanzanian Peaberry. It was a coffee that was discontinued from my company before I ever got to try it so I jumped at the opportunity to try it now. This is a unique coffee because unlike most coffees that are grown with 2 pits/beans to each fruit . . . the Peaberry coffee has only one bean in each. Therefore it is supposedly a more concentrated flavor. And this coffee comes from Tanzania . . . and African coffees normally have complex layers of flavor . . . so that was a treat. And of course this one I drank black. No need to cover up greatness. Rebecca chose 100% Kona coffee. Please, do me a favor . . . don’t fall for coffees that say they are Kona unless they are 100%. They will only be a small percentage Kona . . . and you won’t get the true experience.

Wednesday morning B-Lane and I went to Rebecca’s Starbucks and I had my first Starbucks soy cappuccino . . . in a glass mug of course. It was fine and dandy.

Then I took the train to Laguna Niguel and headed to Rancho Santa Margarita and went to visit my sister at the Starbucks she works at. I had just had my cappuccino a few hours before, so this time I opted for black ice tea. I was nauseous from the train ride so I couldn’t finish that one.

The next day was busy with Thanksgiving and all . . . so no more adventures to other coffee shops.

Friday I went to the Lost Bean, an organic coffee and tea place. I tried the Rainforest green tea. I don't really know what was in it. But it was quite good for a green tea. I was very impressed.

On Saturday my “usual” was delivered to my house with a nice little message.

I am officially ridiculous

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