Monday, December 22, 2008

The Question

It had been just like a scene from a movie. She was walking into her past, and with each step further in that she took she was inundated with memories so quickly, that they were mixing with reality before she could stop them. What a contrast the clear and colorful memories were to the current overcast emptiness. The memories were so astringent she couldn’t keep from choking up. What is this? She wonders to herself. Really, this shouldn’t evoke such a response. She was usually better at controlling such a surge of emotion. It was so long ago. Life had moved on. Life was better. She’d grown up. She was happy now. Wasn’t she?

She always said she wouldn’t go back if she had a choice. But still, this was history. This was life.

The corner where that picture was taken. The bench where she had sat. The hallway where he always waited. The path she faithfully tread. The place that gave her nightmares. The wall forever marked with her contribution to a legacy. She didn’t remember the ivy being so overgrown. The black iron gate. Was it keeping something out or keeping something in?

It was beautiful.

And before she was ready for it . . . life went back to normal.


  1. That's beautiful! What's that from?

  2. Why thank you!

    It's a mystery . . . that's why it's called "The Question" ;-)See if you can figure it out.

    "The Answer" will be posted sometime in the future.