Monday, February 1, 2010

Deja Vu

Today was totally Deja Vu for me. It's hard to believe it's already been a year since our last Vision Dinner tour. For those of you that don't know . . . this is our fundraising tour, and something that is a huge part of my job. I get to coordinate all the event details. Fun stuff.

Well today started around 6:00 am for me. It included many hours of driving, the usual stop at the Tulare Starbucks . . . our normal lunch at In-N-Out, a stop at the hotel we're staying in, which is of course the same as last year . . . and then an evening at the Doubletree Hotel in San Diego for our event. So much of today felt like Deja Vu (even down to recalling the slipry-ness of the floor at the Doubletree). It's a good thing I wore something different than I wore last year (and yes, I do remember what I wore then).

It's been a long day, but it's been good. I feel so much of today has been run on adreneline, and has been slightly stressful for me. Maybe that's just the life of an event coordinator. I dunno.

But it's now midnight, I'm ready to call it a day, and I'm looking forward to finally getting caught up on my work tomorrow and hanging out with some Pearseys while I'm here in Escondido.


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