Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Life of an Event Planner

With today's dinner I gave a guarantee of 70 dinners. There were 64 people registered . . . and with the 6 of us staff . . . it had the potential to be perfect! (I have to give these numbers to the venues before I'm even done getting registrations, so it's quite a lot of guesswork).

But we made an all time record tonight with 19 no shows!! That's pretty ridiculous. Those are all pricy dinners that we end up paying for. It's normal to end up with a few no shows, but not anything like this. And I can't have fewer dinners prepred than the number of people who are registered, so it's a bummer when people don't show up since I have to plan for them.

Generally, we've been really good on numbers the whole tour. But I guess not tonight. Oh the life of an event planner. I guess you win some, you lose some.

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