Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday Night in the Emergency Room

Not sure if Nathan wanted to post these first. But here are a few pictures from our Emergency Room extravaganza tonight. Nathan had a wipeout on his motorcycle this evening and broke his collar bone. Hence the trip to Fresno to go to the emergency room. We did lots of waiting, had some Starbucks, watched parts of 2 Harrison Ford movies on the waiting room TV, and hung out with some other people in the waiting room. We didn't get to get back up the hill until 1:00 this morning. And the only thing the doctor did was say that Nathan has a "gnarly fracture", gave a prescription for some pain killers, and gave us a phone number of a specialist that he'll have to contact on Monday to try and get an appointment with. All that to say, it was an eventful evening and Nathan handled it like a champ :-) (and this is his first broken bone!)

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