Friday, October 16, 2009

Just Sitting Here in Thailand

Hey everyone . . . I finally have a few moments here to update!

We are all doing well here and are enjoying our time in Chiang Mai so far. We've spent the last several days doing things like Thai cultural training, some shopping and exploring of the malls, markets, and the night bazaar (a huge outdoor market where you barter for what you want), as well as visiting one of the Buddhist temples here.

The weather is quite hot and humid. I've never been in weather like this before. It's a funny feeling that when the weather drops down to 78 or I walk into air conditioning . . . that I feel a little chilly. But it is always a welcomed break. But I'm just getting used to the fact that I will always feel sticky and sweaty.

The food has been good. I'm always up for noodles, rice and vegetables. And every coffee and tea drink I've tried has been so delicious. I did have to eat a whole roll of tums yesterday though. But generally . . . it's easy to stomach it all.

I got a hair cut in the mall the other day. That was quite the adventure since I had absolutely no language capabilities. So my hair definitely looks different than I had hoped or planned . . . but that's ok. Cuz, when can you say you got your hair cut in Thailand? But I feel a little bit like Peter Pan meets the Mullett and the Beatles all in one. Haha.

Well now camp is going to be starting within a couple hours. Hopefully we are ready! We have all packed up all our belongings and are ready to move when we hear which house we will be staying in and which kids we will be counseling. Should be interesting!

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