Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jr. High

Not too much say.

High school camp ended and went very smoothly. My team (the Sally Vators) won which was great. After camp ended we went into the the city, got our Thai body massage, and shopped a little. Now we are on our first full day of jr. high. Definitely a whole different experience. I have very nice girls in my room that I like alot. But I definitely like high school age better.

But I must say, I was proud for my moment of glory last night, when I was the first person to get the flag and get a point in capture the flag. Today in rec we sent a girl to the hospital on a backboard after she was hit by the earth ball. But she should be fine.

Nothing else too newsy.


  1. The girl arrived back from the hospital, she's fine. It was a little bit nerve racking as we weren't sure what the ambulance would bring to immobilize her. We prepared a make-shift back board out of a piece of stageing and some gaff tape. Turns out we didn't need it, the ambulance (a Toyota Hilux with a camper shell and light bar) brought a legit backboard. Kyle and Calen did a fabulous job as first responders.

  2. You captured the flag!! Congrats Joce. Sounds like things are going well! Thanks for all the updates, they are enjoyable to read. I'll continue to be praying for you.