Monday, April 26, 2010

All in the Same Week

Last week was sure interesting for us mountain dwellers! This winter seems to keep stretching on and on. We'll have nice days and all the snow will melt . . . but then we'll get another storm. Like this one! We got about a foot of new snow last week. And the weekend before I was enjoying the sun by the lake. It's definitely fun though. Nathan and I bundled up and walked around the lake. It's quite a lot of work tromping through the snow . . . but we enjoy it. This week it looked like some sort of enchanted forest. It was stunning.

And theeeeen . . . just days later its so amazingly warm and looks like spring again. So Nathan and I had a picnic in Fresno. Yes . . . contrary to popular belief, there is beauty in Fresno if you look for it.

If I hadn't told you . . . would you even think it was possible that those pictures were taken 3 days apart?

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