Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Outdoorsy Kind of Day

If my day off yesterday was characterized by indoor activities such as movies and baking and reading . . . today was my outdoorsy day. Realizing that the snows a comin' again this week, and that we have no conference this weekend and that it'd be nice and quiet around camp, I pulled on my hiking boots, slipped into my flannel shirt (living in the mountains that should be a staple right?), packed my backpack with my book, towel, granola bar and fruit snacks and headed off. I spent a good couple of hours lying on a nice big rock, ejoying my book "Safely Home."

It's a fictional book, but is a serious wake up call to the persecution of the Church in China. Between this book, my boss talking about his missionary friends in China this week, the earthquake, and passing the Chinese family walking around the lake right as I closed my book . . . I think I'm supposed to be praying for China right now.

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