Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break

You'll have to excuse the fact that there's multiple blog posts coming from me today. I suffer from "Weekend Blogger Syndrom". I get busy during the week and only seem find time to keep up on blogging on the weekends.

The last couple of weeks have gone by really fast. This year I actually had a week long "Spring Break." Not being a student and not being a teacher I would have thought that I was done having Spring Breaks in life. But this year our staff was given some paid days off since they didn't take us on a staff retreat this year. I'm not complaining about a paid week off.

Here's a few pictures from my break:

Snowboarding with Nathan and my family (well . . . they ski)

Some egg decorating

I got to spend Easter lunch with the Pearsey fam and their Epp side of the family

The four Pearsey sisters. Love them!

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